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House of Calls 2.0

It’s Here!

From the first line of code to right meow, this software was built from the ground up to increase your sales conversions.

Pick a Plan

No more billing every time you buy a phone number.

Setup Billing

Set up your subscription with PayPal or Credit Card.

Register Account

AFTER PAYMENT IS SETUP, Register Your Account.

Wait For Approval

If all checks out, you’ll get a welcome email.

After a year of ground-up development, our baby has arrived.

‘Twas developed by two guys out of Ohio that met in college; one of which has a Cyber Security Analytics Certificate and is working on his Masters in Cyber Security and the other has been in the Internet Marketing world for over 13 years.

Combine the two and you have over 28 years of web development experience and a whole hell of a lot of beers. That’s our fancy way of saying that our software is solid, up to the highest security codes and designed to scale.

Welcome to a new phone tracking system; both in software and customer service.

All New Form To Call

Our form to call software has taken things up a notch from our competitors. Where there are other softwares out there that do form to call, ours will actually whisper the user’s name and the reason they’re calling before anyone even talks.

Check out our video to the left to see it in action!

A Quick (and very professional) Walk-Through of Our Software

We take a walk through the software and explore the options available upon release. These options and features will continue to grow as we continue to enhance our software.

By the way, if you click the cog wheel in the bottom right corner of the YouTube video, you can increase the play speed so that you don’t have to sit through it all.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I port my numbers from another carrier?
Contact us via email and we will help you with the porting process.
What does maximum numbers mean?
It means that you can have as many numbers as you want for your monthly price up to your max limit. We understand that sometimes you need to get a site online before it has money coming in from a client, there’s no reason to punish you with a monthly payment for that. If you are paying $50 a month for 5 numbers, your billing will not change if you have 1 number or if you have 5 numbers.
I'm confused on this process, what do I do?
Once you register at http://beta.houseofcalls.com and have paid for a package on this page, we will approve your account.
When am I approved or when can I use the software?


Approval process is done by a breathing human so please give us some time as we do sleep and eat… and other things. Like cook… and yell… and throw laptops.

Can I upgrade after signing up?
Yes, you can upgrade at any time after signing up and you will receive Beta pricing.  Once we do an official launch, all prices will go up… except for yours and any time you decide to upgrade or downgrade.
What's your refund policy?
So many things have so many variables; we like to believe that a one rule fits all scenario is impossible with refunds.  If, for whatever reason, you need a refund or to cancel an account, reach out to us and we’ll talk to you like a real human being and figure out a win/win solution so that everyone is happy… yes, that includes you.

We Will Add More Soon

We Launched House of Calls 2.0 Today!