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Faster is Better

It’s a fact: The quicker you connect to your leads, the better the chances of closing the deal. Whether it’s from downloading your latest white paper or filling out a Web form, new prospects are out there, ready to be converted FAST.

One Minute = 391% Improvement on Lead Conversion Rate

Calling your potential customer within 60 seconds of them filling out your form increases your chance of conversion by 391%.  House of Calls will help you achieve this, effortlessly.

One Hour = 36% Improvement on Lead Conversion Rate

By just waiting one hour, your team’s chances to convert a lead drops down to 36% likely. Why should calling your leads be a manual task? Let House of Calls automate this for you!

One Day = 17% Improvement on Lead Conversion Rate

Most companies wait 48 hours before calling their leads. Make it just 24 hours instead and your conversion is already 17% higher. It’s time to remove human inefficiencies from the equation.

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