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Turn A User On Your Website Into a Client In 7 Seconds.

Faster is Better

It’s a fact: The quicker you connect to your leads, the better the chances of closing the deal. Whether it’s from downloading your latest white paper or filling out a Web form, new prospects are out there, ready to be converted FAST.

72% of Buyers Purchase From First Company

Plain & Simple - The First To The Table Gets To Eat.


17% Improvement on Lead Conversion Rate

Most companies wait 48 hours before calling their leads. Make it just 24 hours instead and your conversion is already 17% higher. It’s time to remove human inefficiencies from the equation.


36% Improvement on Lead Conversion Rate

By just waiting one hour, your team’s chances to convert a lead drops down to 36% likely. Why should calling your leads be a manual task? Let House of Calls automate this for you!


391% Improvement on Lead Conversion Rate

Calling your potential customer within 60 seconds of them filling out your form increases your chance of conversion by 391%.  House of Calls will help you achieve this, effortlessly.

Thirty Seconds

804% Improvement on Lead Conversion Rate

That's how fast it takes House of Calls Phone Tracking Software to work.  Within 30 seconds, you are receiving a phone call, hearing all of the info from the web form and then being connected to the phone number entered.  Sales conversions are bound to skyrocket!

How does it work?

All of this magic happens in under 10 seconds; severely increasing your sales conversions.

Potential Customer Submits Form

A user on your website wants information, of some kind.  They fill out a form with their name, their phone number and anything else you want to know.

Our Robot Calls You With Their Info

A robot voice calls you and whispers the potential customer’s information and then dials their number for you, instantly connecting a call.

Customer's Phone Rings

7 seconds after submitting the form, the potential customer’s phone rings, they answer, “Hello?”  There you are, “Yes, is this {name} calling about {subject}?”

Ready To Start?

Why House of Calls?

Convert More Leads

According to Forbes,  71% of web leads are never contacted. So, before doing anything else, put House of Calls at the top of your to-do list. How can you close more deals if you never actually talk to your leads? Speed, follow-up tactics and persistence are important factors in conversion.

Improve Inside Sales Workflow

Most companies use a first in/first out philosophy when calling leads. A recent study found that companies using this model had an average 17-hour discrepancy from when the lead came in to when the lead was first called. How much would your world change if you made even a couple more sales each month?

Eliminate Human Inefficiencies

Every sales team member is different. One thing everyone can agree on is they want to close the deal. Capitalize on your sales team’s great qualities and minimize their inefficiencies.

Track Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)

Speaking with leads while still on your website will exponentially increase your conversion ratio, maximizing your return on ad spend.

Early Bird Gets The Sale

Let’s be honest, customers often shop many vendors before making a purchase decision. Statistics show that 70% of buyers purchase from the first company that reaches out.

Speak With More People

The more leads you talk to, the more deals your company closes, which increases referrals, which increases more leads…you get the idea.

Unbelievable Customer Service

Imagine you’re wanting help on a website, you fill out a form and someone calls you within seconds to offer help.  Seriously, imagine that.

Close More Sales - Easily

Even your worst salesman will see an increase in their sales conversions. Our software has already given you the best first impression possible.

Breakdown The Process


Potential Customer Submits Web Form

Any web form where a customer submits their contact information. Examples include: white papers, more information requests, out of stock reminders, and webinar registrations.

House of Calls Generates a Phone Call

Our AI translates the phone number submitted in your web form and brokers a call to your team along with their name and any other info you want from the web form.

Your Team Answers the Call

Once House of Calls initiates the call, it is answered by your team and you will automatically be connected to your lead along with their information from the web form.

You Close the Deal

We’ve prepped you with their name and any other info you need before they even say hello: your first impression is through the roof, they’re in a buying mindset and they’re still on your website. It’d be hard NOT to close this deal.

Respond To Inquiries In Seconds

Frequently Asked Questions

Will House of Calls work with my cell phone?

Yes! Not only will House of Calls work with your cell phone, but it will integrate seamlessly with your existing phone system as well.

My account is not active / is pending, how do I get in?

The number one reason that your profile may not active is because of your payment arrangement.
Make sure you have an active payment arrangement with us.

How quickly does the call generate?

Typically a call will generate within five seconds of the form’s submission using our Form to Call software.

Then there is some time when you are hearing the information from our AI system.

On average, about 30 seconds in total goes by from form submission until our AI is actually calling the client for you.

How will I know if I'm receiving a call?

Your caller ID will show the potential customer's number but they won't be connected until you press a button on your phone. In that time, you will know it is a call because our AI Robot will begin whispering the customer's information to you over the phone line.

What happens if I don't answer the call?

That's okay - you will receive an email notification from us with their phone number. You also (already) receive an email confirmation from your website as you have before with their info. We also have a voicemail system available if you want to utilize that for missed calls.

What if we get a Robo or Spam Call?

We have a blacklist feature that allows you to block any number, whether they have called you before or not!

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